What we offer

Guaranteed income all year round

Follow the example of large real estate owners and groups.
Entrust your property to us and start getting a guaranteed income immediately while preserving its value for the future.
We take the risk

Guaranteed monthly rent

We're the only player on the market that offers a fixed monthly rent 12 months per year.
Our aim is to increase the value of your property together. This is why we sign a rental agreement, which is our basis for our investments in your property.
Full service

No bureaucracy

With our contract agreement, you will only have one tenant to manage: Holiday Innovation. In practice, this means a single contract to deal with and the income generated from your property to declare for tax purposes.
The short term lettings will be entirely managed by us. Even all bureaucratic burdens will be solely our responsibility as we are subletting your property to tourists.
This is a significant difference from the standard estate agency that only works as an intermediary on your behalf leaving you with all administrative and fiscal burden: for instance, communicating guests to law enforcement, registering the individual contracts, declaring every income generated, etc. Don’t waste your time with boring bureaucratic paperwork, we’ll take care of it while you can enjoy more satisfying activities.
Electricity, water, waste tax...

We pay your bills

As your tenant we take care of all your utilities: electricity, water, gas, waste/landfills and so on. A saving of hundreds or thousands of euros per year.
Full service

We take care of ordinary maintenance

Gardening and painting, pool cleaning and maintenance, replacement of broken furniture - these are just a few examples of the services we take care of and with which we relieve you as the owner.
We share with you the goal of making your vacation home even more beautiful than it already is.
We are your partner

Extraordinary maintenance and investments

You would like to invest in your vacation home, e.g. install a new kitchen or a pool, redesign the garden, purchase new furniture, but you are reluctant to make the investment?
Talk to us: We could bear the costs if you give us a discount on the monthly rent in return. This way you can significantly increase the value of your property without any financial burden!
And that's not all

We help you solve your doubts around taxes and insurance

Thanks to our network of experts we co-operate with, we can help you to find answers to your questions regarding tax and insurance, at special rates.