About us

A Swiss company specialised in holiday property management

We are a Swiss business specialized in renting, managing, maintenance, improvement and subletting of holiday homes and apartments across Europe.

Our team is experienced in real estate, travel technology, development of innovative businesses to consumer (B2C) products, international marketing.

With this background we are able to addvalue and improve the properties we manage, wherever they are, distinguishing ourselves from our competitors and maximizing the annual and long term value of the properties.

We are passionate about what we do and we work everyday with our Swiss professionalism.
Why you should work with us

Many benefits

Guaranteed rent

12 months per year, with no exceptions.

Zero bureaucracy

You relax: we do everything for you.

Cut your costs

As your tenant, we pay all your bills, waste tax, ordinary maintance.

Increase the value of your property

We are your partner to invest in your property and make it even more beautiful.

Some of the properties we manage

Villa on the Ionian Sea

We're investing €100k+ in this property that belongs to a family from Milan.

Villa on Lugano Lake

After being abandoned for four years, this villa has been refurbished by us and rented out in preparation for the sale.

Three original little houses with pool

We're enabling the owner of this wonderful property in Apulia to make a significant income out of it.

A little gem in a historical town centre in Apulia

Properties in historical city centres can also generate good revenues, if properly managed and presented.

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