How we work

Swiss quality at your service.

We offer you much more than the typical real estate management company, thanks to our international experience and the technology we work with. Compared to the small real estate agent, we generate on average 150% more occupancy and, consequently, more revenue.

Distribution across hundreds of channels

Your property will be published and marketed across hundreds of channels, OTAs, travel agencies, tour operators, across the world, in order to benefit from lower distribution costs and attract tourists from different countries with different travel seasons.
We aim at hosting guests for the whole year: holiday tourists between spring and autumn, sun seekers during the winter.

Multi-lingual customer care

We use a decentralised, multi-lingual customer care servic, that answers rapidly and efficiently to prospects and clients. We reply to 90% of requests within 5 minutes, 24/7, for the whole year, which results in higher conversion rates.

We automate all our processes

Thanks to our international experience we've been able to automate 90% of our processes, from property distribution to payment and booking management, from customer care to check-in and guest support.
By using technology to support our work, we have been very successful in cutting our costs and therefore invest more time and resources in the maintenance of our properties.

Vetting the tourists

We use advanced technology to vet the booking requests we receive the booking requests we receive, and we refuse those that could present a risk for the property.

Security deposit

We ask all our guests to pay a security deposit before they access the property. The higher the standard of the property, the higher the amount of the deposit.

We follow our guests during their whole journey

We don't just welcome guests but we help them during their whole stay, by providing detailed information about everything related to the property, including how to use the equipment, how to dispose of the waste and how to manage emergencies. The information is provided in the guests' language. In case of emergency we can react and be on the ground within a few hours or even just a few minutes.

Full transparency

Your account manager at Holiday Innovation will always be at your disposal for any question you might have. You will be able to access pictures and videos of your property even from the distance, to monitor its conditions all year round.

We pay on time

We pay rents by the 3rd working day of each month, with no exception. We're a Swiss company after all :-)